Business Law and Business Consulting Services

Starting and Growing a Strong Business

The Mark Lewis Firm provides business law and business consulting services to startups and small businesses throughout the Los Angeles area.  Mark’s practice assists entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives in starting and growing their businesses in today’s competitive marketplace.  He offers both the legal counsel necessary to establish and safeguard companies, as well as key business planning and strategic initiatives that help companies succeed and remain competitive for the long term.

Drawing on his 25 years of legal and business experience, Mark works with clients at all stages of business development, from preparing an effective business plan, to negotiating business transactions, to strategizing business expansion.  His background as an attorney, business consultant and former business owner makes him uniquely qualified to help clients capitalize on new opportunities, resolve problems and issues, and preserve important business interests.

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The Mark Lewis Firm can help your business thrive in the exciting, yet ever-demanding, community of startups and small businesses.  See the pages below for more information and a list of resources: