Mediation Services

Attorney mediator Mark Lewis focuses on helping parties resolve disputes early and fairly.  Mark works with businesses, individuals, and community organizations to mediate a range of litigated and non-litigated disputes, including business and commercial disputes, workplace conflicts, and community-based disputes

Leveraging a 25 year career as a Los Angeles attorney, former public company senior executive and small business owner, Mark brings unique problem-solving qualifications to his role as mediator. In the business and commercial mediation setting, Mark utilizes practical, hands-on knowledge of how business operates, and a keen understanding of the people who move business forward, to help parties negotiate and resolve disputes quickly. Sensitive to the challenges that arise from conflicts in the workplace, Mark offers mediation as a highly effective tool for maintaining employee satisfaction and business productivity. In the community, Mark’s peace-making skills help facilitate positive outcomes to disputes involving neighbors, schools, landlord/tenant, and public organizations.

Ombudsman Services

Mark serves as an organizational ombudsman in corporate and academic settings.  Working with individuals and groups in an organization, Mark assists in identifying options to resolve conflicts and address problematic issues, and brings systemic concerns to the attention of the organization for resolution.  With direct access to the organization’s leadership, Mark’s ombudsman role is a resource for all organizational personnel and complements the services of the Human Resources and Compliance departments.

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Business Law and Business Consulting Services

The Mark Lewis Firm offers business law and business consulting services specifically designed to meet the needs of startup companies and small businesses. Mark’s dynamic practice helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives advance new ideas, protect their important interests, and remain competitive for the long term.

Starting and Growing a Strong Business

Successful businesses are built on a foundation of solid legal and business planning. Mark works to ensure that a business’ foundation is sound from the outset. With a thorough understanding of the organization’s ideas and vision, he provides the legal counsel needed to establish and safeguard the company, as well as the business strategies that lay the groundwork for a profitable enterprise.

For established small businesses, Mark offers legal and business counsel to support ongoing operations and expansion. He understands the many challenges small businesses face, and in today’s extremely competitive marketplace the complexities are greater than ever. With practical, forward-thinking counsel, he helps his clients manage day-to-day issues, stand-alone transactional matters, and value-added projects.

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